Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Everett's cuteness

 Everett and Cade are best buds and give each other big tide hugs every time they see each other. That was the best part of living next door to their cousins. They got to see each other every day and play. Aren't they just the cutest?! Those were hard ages because they were into EVERYTHING... but they made up for it in their insane cuteness and chubby cheeks.

Everett started swim lessons last summer and loved it! The first lesson, he didn't shed a single tear. The second, he whined and panicked when she made him go under water. The third lesson, he cried the second we go there the entire lesson! But it only took a couple more times for him to start getting warmed up to the idea. He's my little water baby and would live in the bathtub and pool if I let him!

He's also very entertaining and funny if you can't tell by these pictures! We sure love his happy, fun little personality!

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