Monday, October 17, 2016

Life Lately...

Hudson was cold at his clinic appointment and we completely forgot his blanket. So Steve came up with a perfect solution...
 That's true love right there.
 I know a lot of my blog posts are about Hudson going through his cancer treatment. I love Parker and Everett just as much. Its hard to share and catch up on SO much that has happened in the last several months that I'm trying to get all of the big things in. I hope all of our boys know how much we truly love them, unconditionally. Parker and Everett have been good sports through everything we have had to go through. They bring so much joy and happiness and smiles to our family.
 This is a picture of Hudson and I on a sushi date (cooked sushi of course) right after his chemo and spinal tap. He was having the biggest craving for sushi and this was the ONLY reward our little steroid craving boy wanted after his spinal tap. The doctor gave us the okay, as long as it was freshly made from a clean place. We sat right at the bar and watched them make it for us. It was hard to watch him shake and tremor with each bite he took. We didn't have much of a conversation and most of our date was in silence. But I was okay with the silence knowing that he was able to get a glimmer of happiness on that no fun day. He got really tired by the end of the meal and I asked for the check when I noticed him falling asleep as he ate.

 Falling asleep while eating or taking his pills became a normal thing for him. Poor little guy.

 My sister, Brianne, wanted to get him something that made him happy. She went to Barro's Pizza and explained her nephews situation and asked if she could buy a bottle of ranch. Not only did they give it to her for free, they gave her an ENTIRE GALLON to give to Hudson! It was awesome! We ate ranch with everything for a couple months. :) We also gave jars of ranch away to family that enjoyed it as much as us. 
 This was the first time Hudson ever sat on the ground to "play". He sat up and made sure his throw up bowl was next to him as he was very nauseous from all of his chemo and medication. What a champ he is!
 Mean while, Hudson and and Everett enjoyed playing together a lot next door and enjoyed drinking their protein shake bottles. They are best buds and love each other so much!
Hudson also loves eating frozen berries!
 Parker was my side kick on my Costco trips and helped me pick out our groceries. He is such a good, kind hearted boy and so responsible in every way!

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