Saturday, November 5, 2016

Fun at Aunt Merediths

I get choked up when I think of all of our family and friends that stepped in to help after our lives changed forever. Meredith had Hudson and Everett over once a week to come play and get out of the house. It was Hudsons favorite day of the week. They were both so excited to get out of the house and play and see different walls. Meredith is the most fun mom I know. When she does playdates, she has awesome activities for them to do! She let them make a mess and play with (I don't even know what this creation is to be honest! ha ha!) 

 Gunnar has such a tender heart for Hudson. They are only a month apart in age. Gunnar always made him feel special and his prayers for Hudson were so tender. "Please bless Hudson will walk again." Hudson starts walking finally. "Please bless Hudson can run and do 'jacking jumps' (jumping jacks)!" He did whatever he could to help Hudson have a good time and bring a smile to his face.

 Everett loved getting out of the house to play with cousins too! He's my little social butterfly.

I will be forever grateful for all of the play dates and relief Meredith gave me so that I could get things done and run my countless errands (mainly to tile and lighting stores a bajillion times. ha ha!) She has such a big heart!

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  1. Oh this is so sweet! I'm kind of embarrassed ��Haha Love you all!!