Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ode to "Wobin"

My good friend, Robin, helped me out so much and I will be forever grateful for her. She messaged me daily asking how we were doing, letting me know she was thinking of us or sent me a quote to help and lift my spirits. She had Hudson and Everett come over once a week so that I could go out and get errands and house stuff done. I don't know how we would have built our custom home through everything we had going on with out her. Hudson didn't go many places at all. He looked forward to going to "Wobins" every week. Whenever he had cravings and I didn't have what he was asking for most of the time, he would say "Call Wobin!" He knew that Robin would drop pretty much anything to bring him his latest craving and bring a smile to his face. She would pick up groceries for me on many occasions when I couldn't get to the grocery store too. I love and appreciate her more than words can say. 

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