Monday, July 11, 2011

Best Buds

These boys are already best buds. As a mother, I can say right now that it is the best feeling to see your children show love and affection toward one another (especially at such young ages!)

Notice Parker fixing Hudson's little pillow underneath his head... he wanted to make sure he was nice and comfortable!
 Hudson isn't quite reaching for things yet, but sure studies everything he sees.
 Can you believe he is 4 months old? Time is flying by! 
 It makes me laugh when I bring out a new baby toy for Hudson, but Parker is more interested in it than Hudson is! He quietly sits back and lets his big brother take over his toys... I wonder how long that will last. 

Having two boys so close in age is really fun. I would highly recommend it! ;)


  1. I LOVE that first picture of them laying on the couch together. Sooooo precious!!

  2. Holy cow that is adorable! I actually downloaded 2 of the pictures to my phone they're so cute!

  3. Aw, they are so cute! Parker reminds me of my little guy with his tow-head and big blue eyes.

  4. They are so sweet, ya enjoy the fact that Hudson doesn't recognize that those toys are HIS!!! Adorable pics!

  5. These pictures are so sweet! I really hope Lily and Ethan have this much fun with a new baby :)