Monday, July 18, 2011

Spoiled by Cousins

Parker and Hudson got the pleasure of playing with their cousins (that live in Phoenix) 2 weeks in a row! Parker had fun playing with Ava (who is a year older and weighs less than him) and Hudson loved being held and loved on by Gracie all day! Colton came along the first week and was a huge help to me. He cleaned up the toys and played with Parker the whole time!
 The picture below was taken by Colton (Sorry Colton, I didn't get a picture of you while you were here.)

Hudson loved getting kisses from Aunt Tara!

 I love watching Parker and Ava interact with each other. They have full on conversations with each other and Ava seems to understand everything he says. ;)
 After becoming a mother of two, I always wondered how in the world all of these people have four or more children!! Now I understand-- the older kids entertain and help out! Having Gracie around was AWESOME! She was the biggest helper. I felt like I had a side-kick/baby-sitter all day long! Now I know that I can have more... eventually.... :)

 Parker always makes sure his little brother is taken care of and has his paci in his mouth. I love watching his face as he tries to put it in Hudson's mouth!
Thanks Gracie and Ava for coming to play!


  1. Fun times! Love all the great pics ;)

  2. How fun! Tara's kids are all so adorable, and so are yours!!