Monday, July 25, 2011

Curious Parker Turned 2

 I can't believe our little Parker is 2 years old already! He brings so much joy into our lives and we had the best time celebrating his birthday! I am so happy with how everything turned out! We did a "Curious George" themed party at my in-laws and we had a ball swimming, eating pizza and endless amounts of candy while watching Parker soak it all in. He knew it was his "monkey party" and watching him have so much fun was the best part about it all! He has been talking about his monkey party for days now! It was so hard to narrow it down to 27 pictures! Enjoy!

Parker even got a little birthday kiss from Bella, don't worry, it was adult supervised!

Aunt Meredith was out of town for a wedding but flew in that night and came just in time to get a picture in the monkey photo booth!
I made a slideshow of Parker's second year, including a video of him hysterically laughing at himself in the video camera at the end. It turned out so adorable-- and the best part was watching him watch it and laugh at himself!
I think Parker is loved... what do you think?
But don't you think that Hudson wasn't spoiled with love that night either-- he definitely had someone hugging, kissing and holding him the entire time! He was in heaven... and even though you can't see his outfit in this picture, it says "Silly Monkey" on it to go with the theme of the birthday party! He was so cute!
Aunt Tara was spoiling him with kisses in the above picture!

His monkey party wouldn't be complete without a monkey cake! I made a delicious (and I have to say adorable cake) for the party! I showed it to Parker the day before and he was so excited, he would ask me for it every couple of hours until his birthday! It was so fun to see his excitement!
He had the biggest smile on his face when we sang him Happy Birthday and we let him blow out the candle four times because he was such a pro at it!
 Parker, thank you for bringing so much joy to our family and to everyone you come in contact with. Your little personality is so much fun! I love how you came to us with a sense of humor and a zest for life. You are such a sweet, lovable/loving, adorable, sensitive, humorous little boy. I love you so much!
Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy! We are so glad you enjoyed your special day!


  1. Everything was sooooo cute!! What a fun party, we all loved it!! I loved that Parker knew it was for him!

  2. I love love loved his party!! You did an amazing job!! And Parker boy is so cute!!

  3. Happy Birthday Parker!! You guys did a great job with the party!

  4. love the picture!! great job! How fun... you made everything look so cute!!

  5. Happy Birthday to Parker! I love all the curious George decorations, you did a great job!