Thursday, September 22, 2011

A 6 Hour Camping Trip

We were so excited to go on our very first family camping trip a couple weeks ago. I had all of the marshmellow's, graham crackers, and hershey bars to make smores, and our foil dinner vegetables were all chopped up and ready to put together! But, due to my husbands insanely crazy job-- he had too much work to do and not enough hours, so he had to work late and we couldn't go. I was really, really bummed about it at first... but then reality hit me and I realized that I got to sleep in my bed that night and shower in the morning! Woo hoo! No more tears for me! :) We made the best of it and had a little bonfire in my sister and brother-in-laws backyard (they were camping) and then the next morning, we left early and drove up to Payson for the day to meet our fellow campers. We stopped and got a breakfast burrito on the way up and we were all well rested and ready to go. I think we got the best of both worlds!
Parker LOVES his uncle Nick!
We met up with Nick and Lori (Steve's sister and her husband) and their kids to go to The Arizona Natural Bridge. It was really cool! We walked across the bridge not knowing that we walked across it until we looked back and saw this!
 Hudson was ready to go out in the sun with his daddy's hat.
 Payson really is beautiful.
 Parker had a booger-nosed camping face an hour into our "camping trip."
 Those boys sure love their daddy!

 Kambri, Jase and Parker had fun playing together. They wuv each udders.

 This little boy was worn out by the end (we were there for about 30 minutes.) 
I can definitely do more "camping trips" like that again!