Sunday, September 18, 2011

Haunted House?!?...

Steve and I got a baby-sitter last night and went to an incredible Stake Conference (it's a large community meeting that our church has twice a year to edify and uplift and strengthen us, for those of you who aren't familiar with the Mormon "lingo.") Steve put both of our phones in his pocket on vibrate in case of an emergency if our baby-sitter (who we adore) needed to get a hold of us. At the end of the conference, I asked Steve to hand me my phone to see if she ever texted or called, and I had a missed call and a text asking me if "Parker ever climbed out of his crib". 
I replied, "Just got your text. Sorry. No, he hasn't ever climbed out, he just likes to shake his crib for a while before he falls asleep. :)" 
She called back immediately after I sent the text, so I stepped out to take the call. 
"Is everything okay?" I asked, very concerned.
"Umm, I got really scared because I heard someone walking upstairs. It was so loud, it sounded like a grown man! I got scared and called you and my parents, but you both didn't answer, so I called 911..." she exclaimed.
Oh, boy. She then went on to tell me that six cops came to our house-- well four actually searched our house and two waited for the "intruder" on the street behind us.... oh and one was in a helicopter shining a light on our house from above! No biggie. ;)

The poor girl (who is very mature and responsible) was terrified. She sobbed on the phone with the 911 operator and they told her that help would be there immediately. They told her to go outside and as she walked out the front door, six cop cars came speeding down the street with their sirens going within three minutes. They jumped out with guns and flash lights in hand! They searched every nook and cranny of our house while our two little boys stayed fast asleep. They even turned the lights on in their bedrooms and they both never even budged (they get their deep sleeping habits from me.) Luckily, no intruder was found!

She was so embarrassed and I told her not to be at all. It's much better to be safe than sorry. After hanging up, I had a good laugh. I know it's not funny, and trust me-- I am so grateful that everything was okay and they were all protected-- but I have called Steve, scared to death for the same exact reason. Our AC unit needs to be fixed because it makes a really loud BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! sound when it comes on every once in a while. It sounds just like someone is walking upstairs. We need to get it fixed.

The only way, I felt we could truly thank her was to bring her some Cold Stone ice cream home. Ice cream always helps in my opinion. ;) 
I'm sure our house was the talk of the neighborhood last night. Anyway, I am grateful that we have brave law enforcement to come to the rescue when we are scared and in need of help. 
Thank you to my wonderful baby-sitter (you know who you are) for handling the situation so maturely.  Next time, we will make sure to answer our phone! :)


  1. What a funny story! Your poor babysitter must have felt so silly (though I'm with you- better safe than sorry)

  2. LOL what an eventful night, glad it was just a scare and nothing more!

  3. So glad everything was ok! Hilarious the boys slept through it all! They definitely got that from you! Hopefully cold stone helped her. My advice, get your ac fixed if you ever want her to babysit again ;)

  4. Whoa that's so crazy! Glad it was just the silly AC :)

  5. Oh my goodness, I love this story - crazy, yet hilarious! Your babysitter is absolutely awesome and totally reacted in the best way she could, so she's definitely a keeper! Haha what an eventful night!! Glad it's only the crazy AC Unit

  6. That is fantastic. Definitely one to remember!!

  7. this story is so funny! I'm glad it was all ok. hopefully the babysitter isn't scared to come back!

  8. Love it! Poor girl is probably scarred for life! I probably would have called the cops too! Such a great story!

  9. What a night! Too bad you guys missed all of the excitement! Glad everyone is safe :)