Friday, September 30, 2011

Peter Piper Pizza Play date-- was that a tongue twister??

I took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza for a play date with friends. Parker managed to bump a ride on the mary-go-round with some random kids. He went around-and-around-and-around at least 40 times! He looks like he's having so much fun doesn't he... :)
These kids are his friends--not strangers, I promise.

 Hudson was happy as a clam sipping on his bottle while watching the "big kids" run around and play! 
 Look at that face. What a life. :)
 My kid is awesome.
 And could this kid get any cuter/happier/adorably delicious (even with drool and snot on his face!) I know I'm their mom but they are so gosh darn cute!
Hudson is sleeping through the night so much better. I don't have to swaddle him anymore (my boys like to be swaddled for a long time!) He now sleeps around 8-9 hours straight without eating (but I do have to give him his paci once or twice in the night and he will go back to sleep.) It is so nice to be getting some good zzzz's finally! 
I am looking forward to watching General Conference this weekend with my family. I can not wait to be spiritually fed. :)

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