Monday, October 3, 2011

Bedtime Itinerary

7:00: Take a bath, splash around and sing songs while soaping down. 
7:15: Get dressed into mataching P.J.'s and get lathered in Baby Magic lotion
7:25: Roll around on the ground and play with toys

 7:30: Laugh uncontrollably at each other
 7:35: Do a few yoga stretches to wind down for the day
7:40: Read books
 7:55: Prayers
7:57: Sing Twinkle Twinkle, the "Moon song" (we don't know what this song is, so we make one up every time), and then E-I-E-I-O (must sing at least 4 verses-- cow, pig, horse, and dog at the minimum.)
 8:00: Kisses good night
8:01: Lights out. :)
8:02: Mommy and Daddy collapse!


  1. Adorable!! I love Hudson's tummy poking out while he does his yoga! Oh they are seriously the cutest ever!!

  2. Erin, Hudson is a little mini you! He looks so much like you. Cute little boys!