Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Makeover: Seamless Layers with a twist

Meet Ashley. She is one of the sweetest, coolest, most incredible girls I know. Here's why:
*She had a beautiful baby girl a few months ago "all natural" (major props girl!)
* She teaches kindergarten and manages to still breastfeed her baby (again, major props!!)
* She's just plain rad. That's about it in a nutshell!
But, she was feeling drab with her long, heavy locks and was lacking a style. She wanted something different and fun but still wanted to keep her length, because she worked so hard on growing it out! I didn't color her hair. She was growing out her natural color (which is hard to do!) I decided to take two inches off and gave her some seamless (meaning not choppy) layers to take some of the weight off on the ends. Check out the before and afters...

I gave her a fun twist just for kicks. It's a great way to keep the hair out of your eyes with style... something I do a lot! 

To achieve the twist:
Backcomb hair in the crown and then twist the front section of your hair back. Secure with a bobby-pin going into the twist like a V-Shape (it hides the bobby pin so you can't even see it!)


  1. Small world! Ashley is in my ward. I officially met her yesterday. Great job on her hair.

  2. It gave her a lift. She's so adorable anyway, but the subtle changes really made a difference! You should have shown her mom's hair... it really turned out cute too!!

  3. So pretty! Lily is loving her side bangs, btw. ;)

  4. Beautiful!!!! Love Ash!!! That layering really helped!!! I'm with mom I wish there was a picture of kim's hair too it turned out GREAT too!!!

  5. super cute! She looks great! You might have me wanting a new look all of a sudden... :)