Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Funny moments

Hudson still has two balloons that are floating around our house from his birthday party a week and a half ago! They are long-living suckers. He absolutely loves them. He eats with them, crawls with them and holds them while he plays with his toys. It's hilarious and adorable to watch. 
Don't mind his filthy, dirty socks! I mopped my floors after I took this picture! Eek!

I took Hudson and my niece, Ava, to the store while Parker was at his singing class the other day. This was Hudson's first time getting his very own cookie. I love how he's taking a bite with a big, proud grin on his face!
Now that he is one year old, he has an opinion and a voice. If Parker takes a toy from him or picks on him, he will let him know that it's not okay. It's kind of awesome to watch him tell him off in baby language by grunting and squealing at him to back off! Watch out Parker, he's a big boy now! :)
They were looking at their reflection in the refrigerator in the picture above. I thought it was a classic picture of them playing together. They are best buds. I love it!

I have a funny story about Parker that I have to write down so I don't forget it:
The other day he started saying some really naughty words like "bite me" and "stupid" (I have Little Rascals to thank for that.) I told him that those were not nice words and told him that we don't say those words. He looked at me straight in the eye and said "Stupid." I glared at him in shock that he would look at me and say it right after I had very sternly asked him not to. I then threatened him that if he said that word again, I would have to put hot sauce in his mouth and it wouldn't feel good at all-- trying to teach a lesson. He turned around and said "STUPID, STUPID, STUPID." So I got out the hot sauce, walked over to him and he then started screaming and sobbing while covering his mouth, and crying for daddy. I didn't put hot sauce in his mouth by the way, the threat of me doing it to him was enough for him to stop saying the word.
Well, for the next week, he told anyone and everyone this story: "I don't say stupid. And mommy put fire in mouth and uh cwy (cry) and I want Daddy." People would look at him kind of confused because they didn't really understand what he was saying but they knew it wasn't good and he was tattling on me for something that I didn't even do! :) I just thought it was funny that he has told everyone about this horrible, traumatic experience that didn't even happen. He's a funny kid. I love him so much, even if he is scarred by my threat. He hasn't said stupid ever since, so I guess I did something right... :)

Funny boys!


  1. Brayden's baloon is still up from the party too! :) I love how Hudson is speaking up for himself :) I especailly love how he is eating & holding his baloon at the same time. That story about Parker was HILARIOUS!!! I was at work during lunch reading this and I was literally laughing out loud! Love it!!

  2. Haha! What a cute story. Ethan is in preschool and he has come home to tell me some of the things the kids have said in school. They are words I won't even repeat.
    Your kids are adorable! I know I say it all the time...but really they are.

  3. I love seeing siblings play together, so cute! And that is hilarious about Parker, I can totally see Navy doing something like that!!