Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Makeover: Enhancing your natural beauty

As a mother, it's so easy to forget to take time for yourself because you are always doing things for your kids. But who doesn't agree that getting your hair done just makes you feel so much better-- doesn't matter what you are wearing-- if your hair looks good, you feel good! Lindsay (my gorgeous sis-in-law) is a dedicated mother who wants a low maintenance hairstyle. She use to be super blonde, but after having her little girl, never took the time to get her roots done. I decided to give her that brightness she wants while making her color super low maintenance by lightening the hair around her face while giving her an ombre affect everywhere else. I colored her roots a medium golden brown, pulled through dark gold lowlights and bright blonde highlights to make it really pop!

 Can you say HOTTIE??
I also put a little bit of make-up on Lindsay to enhance her gorgeous features. She has the most amazingly long lashes I've ever seen! Also, lightening up her under eyes made a huge difference-- that is my number one piece of advice if you want to brighten your eyes and look more "awake!" Cover Girl makes the best illuminating cover stick. I've been using it for at least 10 years! Also, darkening her eye brows really made her eyes pop! Sounds weird I know, but it makes a huge difference!

You are one striking woman, Lindsay!

Happy Monday!


  1. I've always thought that Lindsay is beautiful... but wow!! She looks gorgeous!!! Good job.

  2. Wow! Awesome transformation! I've been saying this for years but you are so talented!

  3. Love love your makeovers Erin!! I'm gonna have to check out this cover girl eye stick!:-)

  4. Wow Erin!! How do I sign up for these makeovers?! Lindsay looks way beautiful!! Her hair is awesome! You are awesome!

  5. Thanks again for the AMAZING makeover! I love my hair!! And that makeup stick is like gold, I went out and bought one that same night!! Thank you again, you are the best!