Friday, May 11, 2012

Captain Parker Hook!

One of Parker's favorite movies is Hook-- you know the movie about Peter Pan with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman. I know it's probably a bit intense for an almost 3 year old, but he LOVES it! He found a little hook in our bathroom drawer and walks around our house saying "Hook! Hook! Where's the hook!" while humming the theme song and pretending he's Captain Hook with a crazy look on his face. It is awe. some. Or he grabs his sword and says he's Rufio! Ha ha! My aunts recently went to Disneyland and brought him back a sword. He is obsessed.

Hudson has fun with it too, he will get a sword when he's a little bigger (although he thinks he's old enough for one now, seriously.)
"Is that Peter Pan?!" I love this movie!
 The sword fighting scenes are magical to Parker! 
I think we need to take him to Disneyland this year! 

Thanks for the sword Kristie and Patty!

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  1. This is adorable!! Kristie wanted to make sure Parker got a sword :) so happy he loves it!