Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Makeover: From simple to glam

Orinda is my second cousin and is absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. She is a teacher and a new bride (as of last November.) I wanted to glam up her look and give her something that complimented her stunning features. She has naturally curly hair so I gave her long layers that would work for both curly or straight hair. Bangs are perfect for her face shape too because she has a higher forehead. I used Redken Straightening spray to give her hair a nice, smooth blow out. I forgot to take a before picture, so she sent me one that she had on her phone. Check this foxy lady out!
It was about 10pm when we took the after picture so the lighting isn't the greatest, but doesn't she look stunning? Very hollywood if you ask me... :) I should post some of her wedding pictures sometime, they were gorgeous!


  1. Love the bangs! She has beautiful hair. Nice job again Erin, you really enhance all your models features.

  2. WHAAAAAATTT?! She is a total babe! I have known Rindy my whole life and I almost didn't recognize her. She looks awesome! Just another day for you, Erin! Making us all beautiful one hair appointment at a time. :)

  3. P.S. do you notice how I've been commenting on your blog? I do it cause I love you. :) it's a big deal for me!

  4. oooh! Rinda looks stunning!! Love it!

  5. She looks amazing! Good job! I need to get it on this makeover thing you do! :)