Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How to get instant "cool points" from your kids:

Take them to Peter Piper.
Whenever the weekend comes around, we try to do something fun as a family. If we give Parker the choice of anything he wants to do, he will always without fail say "How 'bout Peter Piper! Dat sounds fun! Does dat sound good to you?" How can you refuse that, I mean come on! So we decided to go up to Phoenix to meet my parents and cousins and my sisters to go with us. The pictures speak for themselves-- the kids definitely had a great time. :)

 Hudson's classic excited face:
Steve had fun riding dirt bikes with Parker and shooting basketballs with my dad. They made the most of our Peter Piper adventure!

 Parker got tickled by aunt Brianne on the carousel. 

 Look at that face!

 It was finally time to go due to baby tantrums and tired kids ready for naps.

I think Papa had fun too (whether he will admit it or not.) He is a great sport. He doesn't like pizza but he came, bought all of our pizza and played anyway-- because he's that kind of a grandpa. :)


  1. Okay, that is the cutest post ever!! Your kids are adorable!! What a great Papa your kiddos have, too! I love Hudson's face on the motorcycle (I think that's what it is) Gotta love Peter Piper!

  2. It was such a fun day! Thanks for inviting us!! I also am grateful to Krista for being a great aunt & buying 100 tokens so the kids do SO many fun things!! Thanks dad & mom for being such amazing & loving grandparents!

  3. this place looks rad!! I think we should plan a cousin day!