Friday, May 4, 2012

My barfing baby

Poor little Hudson. That little guy can't catch a break! He just went off of antibiotics a few days ago for an eye infection, and the day he finished them-- he got the stomach flu! I've decided to take a break from the gym until he builds up his immune system. The poor baby couldn't keep much down. It was so heartbreaking to watch him suffer. The first time he threw up (on Wednesday) was right after I fed him a cheese stick-- if you can only imagine how fun that was to clean out of the carpet! Eww! I will say that I have become a master "throw-up-catcher-upper"-- I know when he's going to spew and I either have a bowl handy or make it in record time to the sink! The only fun part about it is cuddling him for the past three days. But it really was devastating to see him so lethargic and weak.

I am so grateful for my neighbor, Michelle, for being so sweet and picking up gatorade at the store for Hudson. It was so sweet and meant more to me than she will ever know. And I'm also very grateful for my sis-in-law, Lori, for taking Parker all day yesterday-- so good to know he wasn't in front of the t.v. again all day, and he got to play with his cousins! Makes me want to pay it forward to someone in need. 

Today, he is starting to feel better. He ate some toast and is taking small sips of water and gatorade and I can finally see the life coming back into his puppy dog brown eyes. :)

Hoping he will be completely better by tomorrow because Mama is truly getting cabin fever. I need to get out of the house-- even a trip to Target will do. :)
Having sick kids really is the pits. But I'm so grateful to see him feeling better now.


  1. Love that little guy. Hope you both catch a break soon. He looks a lot better in the last photo! Good thing you have amazing neighbors (one being your sister in-law).

  2. So sad to have your little ones sick! I'm happy you have great friends & family close who are willing to help you:) so happy my Hudsy boy is getting better!! Aunt Brianne loves you Hudsy & I lobe you too Erin!! I pray you ALL stay healthy & get a great night sleep :)

  3. Seriously, You are to sweet!! I am glad I could help and I am glad he is feeling better!