Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Makeover: Our Amazing Babysitter

Ashlie was the first "real babysitter" we ever used (meaning not our parents or family.) She is growing up and maturing and going to be a senior and it makes me a little sad and emotional, not gonna lie. Parker and Hudson absolutely ADORE her and I always know they are in good hands when we leave-- especially after this whole ordeal! Sorry 'bout that again!
She was wanting a change and wanted to try the ombre look. It definitely spiced up her style a lot and made her hair look a lot healthier too which is a big plus! I love the warmth and dimension her hair has now. Check it out...


 Ash and her younger (adorable) sister Jensynn posing for the camera (I stole this picture off her mom's Facebook because it was so cute!)

I can't wait to bring her along with us on our family vacation to Palm Springs! She is such a fun, level headed, easy-going girl. I'm thinking lots of swimming and the Palm Spring outlets will occupy most of our time while Steve is in meetings...
Love you Ash!


  1. I love her hair! That is exactly how I want mine. :) You do such an awesome job!

  2. Love how you styled it! What size barrel did you use? I can't seem to get my curls to be that cute and "carefree". :)

  3. She looks so good! I saw the first pic and thought,"hmmm, how is Erin going to make her look better than that... but it looks even better!" She's adorable!! Love the new look!

  4. She looks so good! I love her style!