Monday, October 22, 2012

Becoming a soccer mom

As a little girl, I couldn't wait to become a mom one day. I dreamed of taking my kids to soccer practice, piano lessons and the park. Now, my dreams became a reality. Parker joined a soccer team with his Buddy/next door neighbor, Adam. It is SO fun to watch 3 and 4 year olds run around the field in their little uniforms and kick the ball or stare off into space and have no idea whats going on...
 Hudson had fun walking around at the game. He didn't really appreciate Suzy trying to feed him her bottle though. It really "cramped his style." He got over it fast though. 

 Stretching for the game. He was so excited to play...
 However, after playing one game for about 3 minutes, he said he was "tired and sweaty" and wanted to lay on his dad's lap the rest of the time. We had to beg and convince him that if he went out and played again, he would get a treat at the end. He finally gave in went back out for one more game. :)

 Coach Mike "Wait, come back Parker! Where are you going?!"
 Best. Picture. Ever. This one should be framed on my wall. Got to love kids picking their wedgies...
 Parkers favorite part of the game:
 We celebrated his first game with Cafe Rio. It was a good day for us all.

So that sums up my life. I'm now a soccer mom who now dreams of buying a minivan. Never thought I would say that (because I swore that I would never drive one.) The Honda Odyssey is looking mighty tempting for this mama... and I think I've finally talked my husband into getting one! :) 

I love my little family. 

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