Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hello Swagger Wagon

Good bye Hyundai Azera. You were good to me. You drove very smooth, took me to lots of fun places, brought my two boys home from the hospital for the first time and I will always cherish our long drives together. But I had to move on and grow up. It was time. I never thought I would ever dream of having a minivan...
 Oh yeah! This beauty is all mine and I am so happy! I couldn't believe how easy it was to talk to my car fanatic husband into getting one. He was sold after the first time we went to the dealership and checked out the Odyssey. I mean, come on-- those cars were perfectly designed for families. The power sliding doors are magical. The sunroof is so fun. The handsfree bluetooth for my cell phone is awesome. The mini fridge to keep our ice cream cool (for late night ice cream runs) is an extra sweet bonus. I am a definitely a fan!

Parker now sings the swagger wagon song when we cruise around. It's pretty awesome. I feel like the cool mom because all the kids want to ride in our minivan. whoop whoop! Never thought this day would come, but I'm so glad I wised up and got one. Besides marrying Steve, it might be one of the best decisions I ever made. Sniffle... I think I could cry. (kidding.) :)
I am officially a soccer mom. :)

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  1. Nice Van, they look so nice but Barry is still trying to stop me from buying one, we shall see...:) Maybe I'll show him this post! :)