Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disneyland: Part II

Wow, it sure is taking me a long time to finish our Disneyland post. Now that Christmas is over, hopefully I will find more time to blog. 
So, did I mention Cars Land is amazing?? Here is a sneak peak of Radiator Springs Racers. It was hands down my favorite ride. The line is always a 2 hour wait, so I ran to the fast pass line first thing when California Adventure opened. The line was already wrapped around the building. Patty waited in line and said it moved pretty fast (around 25 minutes.) We only had to wait about 15-20 minutes with our fast pass that afternoon. It was totally worth it! That ride was phenomenal!
 Hudson was thrilled to find his name on the wall of fame!
Hudson loves to tease. He kept trying to run away from Kristie, so she threw him over her shoulders and he giggled uncontrollably.
Check out this dudes hair! Kind of cool!
 I'm kind of in love with Parker's hair. It's so thick and has great wave in it. I've wanted him to grow his hair out for the longest time, and I think he looks pretty darn cute with his shaggy, blonde locks. He is such a cutie!
 We got to meet Buzz Lightyear! And Jessie walked right after we took this picture! Parker and Hudson both gave him "bones" (or knuckles.) It was so cute!
  Our boys loved the toy story ride! And Hudson's favorite things to do was swinging on the rails while we waited in line!

       Me enjoying my delicious churro!                               Parker finally passed out in the stroller.

 Disneyland at Christmastime is unbelievably charming. From the giant Christmas tree, to the festive music and decorations and the amazing fireworks show that end of the day ending with snow on Main Street, it is simply magnificent!

 These pictures are a sure sign that day one of Disneyland was a success!

More about Disneyland (can you believe it... I get kind of picture happy on vacation!) coming soon...

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  1. This looks like too much fun! You're boys are adorable!