Wednesday, October 16, 2013


We bought a new fun toy! We have been talking about buying a Razor for years now and decided to finally make it happen! Our boys love it and we have taken it out on a couple of rides. The weather is finally cooling off here in the hot desert. I think we made a great decision because it gives us something to do to get outside as a family and have some fun!
Steve scored tickets to the Josh Groban concert last week from his work. It was an amazing concert and I have even more respect for what a talented artist he is along with his band and orchestra!! Wow!
Parker has been telling everyone that he is going to be a pirate for Halloween. He had his heart set on this costume from Costco and knew that we wouldn't be able to resist getting it for him! He wears it most days from sun up to sun down. He eats, sleeps (no joke), and goes EVERYWHERE in his pirate get up. It's kind of awesome! We definitely got our money's worth! ha ha! He has quite the imagination these days. We love his fun, joyful, happy personality and are really enjoying this stage that he is at. Four year olds are a lot of fun!

 Blackmail for later...
We got another pirate in our house. I think they might be taking over our home! Beware! Arrrrggh! He's pretty scary huh?? 
Little Hudson makes us laugh every day. He has a very intense personality but is also really sweet and caring. He tells me that I am pretty every single day and tells Steve he is handsome. He has a really kind, soft heart. But he can also be really tough and can keep up with the big kids (he thinks he is one of them now that he is potty trained!) Parker and him definitely have their moments when they fight and don't always want to share their toys and such. But for the most part, they really are best buds and play well together. When Parker has friends over, he always includes Hudson and makes sure that he is a part of whatever they are playing. It makes my heart melt. Those are the best moments as a mom, to see your children showing love and kindness to one another. I have many days where I wonder how I will get through the day without wanting to pull my hair out or scream into a pillow. But when I lay my head down at night on my pillow, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the divine calling and gift of being a mother to such special little spirits. They bring me so much joy and fulfillment in my life. 

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