Monday, March 10, 2014

Hudson's 3rd Birthday!

This little cutie turned 3 yesterday! I can't believe it! He is still completely (if not more) obsessed with Thomas the Train. So we had another train party (this time Thomas the Train specific per Hudson's request.) We had his party at McCormick Ranch Railroad Park in Scottsdale and it was honestly the perfect day. Hudson was so excited on our way there. The whole drive over, he kept saying things like "You pwetty mommy. You handsome daddy. You wonderful mommy!" When he got out of the car at the park and looked around, he yelled with his arms stretched out "Is this my party?!" and then ran around the grass yelling "It's a wonderful day!" We sure love this kid. He brings us so much joy and laughter.
 Silly brothers making silly poses!

Paisley loved the pizza (she ate the entire piece-- no joke!) and she had her first capri sun experience and was in absolute heaven!

Hudson was so silly the whole time. He knew that it was HIS party and everyone was there for him. It was fun to watch!

All of the little kids wanted to ride in the closed car on the train. It made me claustrophobic to even think about getting in there, but they all had a blast screaming and laughing the whole ride around the park.
Gracie wasn't too thrilled about riding in there however.

We were excited to have Mike, Lindsay and Hadley there to celebrate (especially because it was her 27th birthday that day!) 

I was relieved that we didn't have the baby before his birthday! Now I'm ready whenever he decides he's done cookin'! Kind of funny that I'm almost 38 weeks and I'm still pregnant-- I totally thought this little guy was going to be at least 3-4 weeks early! I guess he decided he likes it in my tummy after all and wants to keep growing!
 Nana and Papa got him an electric Thomas the Train set-- he was so excited! That boy could never have enough trains I tell you!
 He loves the Llama Llama book series that Aunt Krista gave him! He got so many fun presents from all of his aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. I wish I could post everything he got, but it would be way too many pics for one post! 
 I think he was pretty darn excited about getting his own big boy bike and helmet! He rides it every day and is getting better and better at riding it! Such a fun boy!
 I was lazy and didn't want to make a cake this year. I think Fry's did a pretty good job decorating his Thomas the Train cake! That's all he asked for this year-- a blue Thomas cake! :)

 He was really sad and made this pouty face when all of his cousins snagged the candles after singing happy birthday to lick the frosting off. So we dipped another candle in the frosting, lit it, let him blow it out and lick it clean afterwards. Hey-- it was his birthday! I didn't care if he was being spoiled! 

He has been in heaven this week playing with all of his new cars, trains and planes! He has at least one in each hand at all times (but thats nothing new... he always HAS to have at least 2 toys with him! It's funny!)

We sure love our little Hudson boy. He is one of the most animated, intense, hilarious, smart, adorable little boys. He told me the other day that "he likes goyles (girls). They're pwetty (pretty!)" Needless to say-- he's a total flirt! He tells me on a daily basis "Your pwetty mommy. I'm going to marry you when I get big." And he loves when I put on lipstick! He calls it "yipstick!" The second I put it on, he notices right away and wants to me hold him. His big brown eyes and dimples help him get away with a lot because he is so darn irresistibly cute! We love you Hudsy! Happy 3rd birthday!

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