Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ready for Baby!

My cute sisters-in-law, threw me a surprise baby shower (I'm sad I didn't get individual pictures with them!) at Kneaders a few weeks ago. I really wasn't expecting a shower because-- well, I'm having my THIRD boy! But I will say, it was really fun to have breakfast with my family and close friends and get a few new things for our little man. Steve told me we were going to go to the car show in Chandler and go to breakfast at one of our favorite little restaurants called In Pockets. But when he basically swerved into the Kneaders parking lot on our way there and told me he needed to buy bread and we all needed to go inside... I knew something was up! ha ha! It was so much fun and I felt very special! Thanks ladies for spoiling us! 

I'm now 38 weeks (tomorrow!) I can't believe I've made it this long! Both Parker and Hudson were born at 38 weeks. That would be really odd if I actually went to my due date with this one! I guess this little boy decided he likes it in there after all. :)
I am definitely ready for him to arrive. All of the clothes are washed and put away. Diaper bag is packed. House is clean. Stocked the fridge with groceries and fresh produce! Let's do this baby!!... soon please... Thank you!

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