Friday, March 14, 2014

Life Lately

I love my one on one time with my little Hudsy boy while Parker's at preschool. I took him to Jersey Mike's Subs for lunch the other day and he devoured that sandwich. He made "mmmm" noises with every monster bite he took-- he's a sub sandwich lover like his mama!
 I get my "girl fix" with my little niece, Kenzi, next door. She lets me style her hair and do all of the girly things I don't get to do with my boys. I love it!!
Hudson loves Trader Joe's. He had a sticker on his nose before I took this picture. That boys makes me constantly laugh!

I guess my boys like sitting nice and close to their best buds on the couch. Hudson's best "fwend" is Zack and Parkers best friend is Adam (who lives right next door!) They play so good together! Parker and Adam go to preschool together and play every second they can. They asked me the other day if they could be brothers and I told them they were "brothers from other mothers.":) They are at such good ages because they keep each other entertained and have the cutest conversations with each other. They are learning to read in preschool and they have about 20 different books that they have to practice and pass off. Last week, Adam read his book to Parker and when he was done, Parker goes "Good job Adam! I'm so proud of you!" :) Makes my heart melt.
Still waiting for our little guy to arrive... hoping I go into labor soon!!!

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