Monday, October 17, 2016

Getting back to life at home

It was so good to be home again and for Hudson to be able to see all of his cousins again. They all missed each other so much. Even though he wasn't walking or moving around, he enjoyed watching them while laying on Mimi's couch. Hudson's legs were still hurting and were super weak from laying in the hospital bed for 6 days. He didn't walk for two whole months after being diagnosed. We celebrated March birthdays at Mimi's house. Hudson got a "real" Iron Man costume from Uncle Tanner, Aunt Meredith and Gunnar, Paige and Hazel. He would FaceTime Tanner several times while in the hospital asking Tanner about his Iron Man costume. Tanner had told him earlier that he was working on it and making it himself. He kept asking to see it but Tanner said it had to be a surprise. It was really cute when they presented it to him. He's going to be Iron Man for Halloween. We tell him he's like Iron Man because he has a "port" like Iron Man in his chest. :)

 Celebrating Everett's birthday. The poor kid was kind of gipped with all that was going on with Hudson. He didn't get an "official birthday party" this year. We will definitely make up for it next year since all of my boys had pretty crumby birthdays.

 Hudson't steroids were starting to kick in. His appetite and cravings were CRAZY. He would think of specific things like shredded cheese, pickles, cheeseburgers, tacos, doritos, Barros pizza dipped in ranch, a chicken "hangaber" (hamburger), chipotle black bean burritos, sushi and sub sandwiches just to name a few! He would literally wake us up in the night to tell us his food requests for the next day, sometimes having to eat in the middle of the night. It was worse than a pregnant woman's cravings.

 Steve had awesome tickets to the Suns game and was originally taking Hudson, Parker and I. But Hudson obviously couldn't go. So he secretly took Jase and Nick and kept it on the DL so that Hudson didn't feel bad or like he was missing out. It was much needed alone time for Steve and Parker after everything happening with Hudson. They had a blast!

Steve has done an amazing job juggling work, the kids, building our new home, working on his Click Funnels business on the side from home and also selling life insurance. He's such a hard worker and is so dedicated to making our lives the best it can be, even with our difficult circumstances.

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